Google Chrome is the one major browser on Linux that does not support touch events and completely ignores font DPI settings. Ironic because Google is behind the hi-dpi, touch-screen-toting Pixel.

You know what does work just fine with all those features? Firefox. Rekonq. Konqueror.

Bye-bye Chrome.

Formations from kira zhigalina on Vimeo.

The animation is shaped around a conception of a creative idea and an impending crisis of its fruition. The polarities of light and darkness / beauty and fears that implement the creative process.

This is my first AE animation,
Created with music by Robert Szymanek ( waiting for the final recording to replace the current sound)
for his theatrical concert “Contemplating” that happened at LSO St.Lukes.



a hot summer sunday deserves the appropriate soundtrack. one hour of organic, atmospheric sounds. not too fast-paced. music to enjoy, when watching the sea. or warm winds in a field. or the sun set in the streets of your city. or just an incredibly blue sky with almost no cloud.

OUT/fuori #ART TEATRO CASA BASAGLIA a cura di @NazarioZambaldi -
OUT/fuori Un itinerario teatrale nell’esperienza basagliana Bologna 25/26 febbraio 2009 in collaborazione con DMS Dipartimento Musica e Spettacolo dell’Università di Bologna, Accademia di Belle Arti di Bologna, MAMbo-Museo d’Arte Moderna di Bologna, C.R.A.T. Centro Ricerca Artistica Teatrale, teatri di silenzio, VolterraTeatro, Teatro PraTIKo